Teaching Overview

I currently teach 1 course each semester.  In the fall, I teach Biometry (FW4001) to a mix of undergraduate and graduate students.  In the spring, I teach a grad-level class, Statistics for Ecologists (FW8051). I have been working to develop an open-source textbook to go with my grad-level class, which can be viewed here.

While pursuing my PhD, I taught an introductory statistics course (ST311)  at North Carolina State University (description below).  In addition, I have co-taught a few different short-courses/workshops.

ST311, Introduction to statistics, Fall 1996. Examining relationships between two variables using graphical techniques, simple linear regression and correlation methods. Producing data using experiment design and sampling. Elementary probability and the basic notions of statistical inference including confidence interval estimation and tests of hypothesis. One and two sample t-tests, one-way analysis of variance, inference for count data and regression.

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